Fresh & shiny website, hurray!

2 minute read    Published: 2019-07-03

My personal website had basically been unchanged, lacking content, collecting dust, since 2011 (!!!), and here we are, more than 8 years later.

Finally, I made some effort to revamp my personal website – something you obviously want to be proper looking – to scrap the previous. I put some work in building a custom template to properly personalize it, with a dark interface to reflect the stereotypical developer. It has some bold design choices, so it'll be exciting how it works out.

Surprise surprise, you're currently visiting the fresh and shiny new website. Or not so shiny after all, because it's dark.

Show me!

Alright, we went from:

to ...

It'll undergo some visual changes and improvements based on user feedback for sure, but the majority of it stands.


With this revamp, I introduced the ability for easy blogging. I intend to use this website as a simple blog platform to share cool code snippets, project releases, simple tutorials, useful findings and to share my experience with various topics I'm interested in. I'm not a writer, so let's see how this works out.

Notice the Blog section for an overview of posts, or see the sidebar (bottom of the page on mobile devices) for a listing of categories and tags to scope on a more specific topic.

Oh, and, you're reading the first blog post right now!

3-2-1 Publish

Today (2019-07-03) I'm publishing this new website at my personal domain along with this post. I'd be happy to hear your thoughts!

Of course, as a proper open-sourcerer, the source code for this website as a whole is available in this repository. And a big thanks to the developers of Zola for building an amazing site engine I was able to build this website in.