About me

Tim here! A Holland 🇳🇱 based developer who enjoys creating awesome, high-quality software that makes your everyday web and computing experience better.

I prefer to make software free and open-source. It's important to allow anybody to inspect, modify, improve, contribute and verify without restrictions. Just like I enjoy doing for external projects.

Read my usual developer sales pitch here.

Me on the web

Here's a more comprehensive overview of my online presence:

Most of my work is available on my git profiles:

Like any developer, I use Stack Overflow and alike for development and IT related questions and answers:

I do my news reading and social activity through the following websites:

Here are some other noteworthy profiles of mine:

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Other things I like

Some other random things I like besides my usual development activity that I didn't list above are:

  • Music: listening, DJing, piano
    • Deep house, House, Electronic, Techno and related
  • DIY (Do it Yourself) projects of various sorts, I like to be creative
  • Gaming
  • Scouting and other activities, outside, in-nature, such as camping or hiking