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Hey there!

Awesome to see that you may be willing to sponsor my work.

By sponsoring me, you'll help me pay the bills. This allows me to allocate more time to work on amazing open projects, for everyone. This is what I truly love to do, but it needs support from some enthusiastic and generous followers.

As I'm still a student, I must set aside most of my free time to work on a job. I hope to be able to work full-time on open-source projects in the future. You could help kick-start this goal and begin to make this a reality.

Any amount is helpful, and everything is appreciated.

A big thanks to all awesome supporters!

~ Tim

I provide various official channels you can use to sponsor me, both for one-time and recurring donations.

Currently I highly recommend to sponsor me through GitHub. They'll double your donation in the first year. I'll effectively receive 200% of your donated amount.

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