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List & export your subreddits

2 minute read    Published: 2021-03-01

The last few years I've been wanting to export the list of subreddits I joined. It's fun to share with friends having a similar interest, as I've collected many gems throughout the years.

To achieve this I've set-up a simple script. It exports your subreddits to a plain text list.

Reconnect to broken tmux session

2 minute read    Published: 2021-02-28

Ever tried to attach to a running tmux session, only to find that that fails?

tmux attach
# no sessions
tmux ls
# error connecting to /tmp/tmux-1000/default (No such file or directory)

Even though you're sure tmux is running fine, it shows up as running in your task manager after all.

So, where are your precious tmux sessions?

Dark mode toggle on your static website

8 minute read    Published: 2019-07-16

Developers like dark themes. When looking at a screen all day (or rather, night) long, a pale white background with black text is an eyesore. Many software engineers prefer to use a dark theme with lower contrast colors in their code editors, and many tools started shipping dark visuals as default in the last few years.

I fall into that group as well and have been using these themes for so long that I can't even recall when I joined the dark side. I started to like these dark themes a lot and find them more visually pleasing, appearing more... Professional. To reflect this, I wanted to give my website – this website – dark visuals as well.

This isn't always a success. On some screens or in some light conditions the dark theme can be difficult to read, and some just prefer a paper-like background color anyway. I decided to create a dark/light mode toggle to please everyone.

🌓 — Tap the moon icon, and see the magic happen.

Fix Windows 10 terminals, use a Linux terminal

12 minute read    Published: 2019-07-08

I feel handicapped in Windows terminals, here is why, and how I fixed it.

As a seasoned developer, I live in the terminal on Linux machines. Using a custom shell, vim as text/code editor, git through its CLI, dotfiles to sync settings across devices. Everything is customized to my likings and styled with a nice color scheme. All of it in a dark, text-based window on my screen.

Once you get used to your command-line tools, it's a serious joy to work with. It's a way to interface with your machine in a super-efficient and expressive manner. As you can probably imagine, it can be pretty frustrating when you don't have access to the tools you know and love.

I sometimes use a Windows machine, for work or for building Windows-supported software. Sadly, I feel pretty handicapped on this operating system, to be frank. I can't get comfortable (and I'm super OCD for that matter). The overall experience always appears to be subpar to what I'm used to.