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Stealing private keys from a secure file sharing service

9 minute read    Published: 2019-10-27

Note: in agreement with the company, I decided not to name them to prevent damaging their brand image. The company fixed the issue within an hour after notifying them, big kudos for that.

Some days ago an article was posted on a Dutch tech website, showing off a newly released service to securely request files from someone through the web.

As always, I'm super interested in the cryptographic implementation of such services to ensure they're secure. Even if for example, the company servers would be compromised. Sadly, their website didn't go deep into the technical details. It only noted some simple facts that local cryptography is used with a private key using RSA and AES to provide end-to-end encryption. The application is not open-source which would allow easy auditing, and no white paper is available.

Their website claims the system is secure, but everyone makes mistakes. So I decided to put it to the test. Let's see what I could break.

Spoiler alert: it didn't turn out so well...

Dark mode toggle on your static website

8 minute read    Published: 2019-07-16

Developers like dark themes. When looking at a screen all day (or rather, night) long, a pale white background with black text is an eyesore. Many software engineers prefer to use a dark theme with lower contrast colors in their code editors, and many tools started shipping dark visuals as default in the last few years.

I fall into that group as well and have been using these themes for so long that I can't even recall when I joined the dark side. I started to like these dark themes a lot and find them more visually pleasing, appearing more... Professional. To reflect this, I wanted to give my website – this website – dark visuals as well.

This isn't always a success. On some screens or in some light conditions the dark theme can be difficult to read, and some just prefer a paper-like background color anyway. I decided to create a dark/light mode toggle to please everyone.

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